The following institutions have participated in our programs

MCDGI Clients-13

Dhivehi Insurance

MCDGI Clients-32

Women On Boards

MCDGI Clients-07

Amana Takaful

MCDGI Clients-17

Maldives Islamic Bank

MCDGI Clients-05

Alia Investment Pvt Ltd

MCDGI Clients-04

Addu Peoples Co-operative Society

MCDGI Clients-03

Addu International Airport

MCDGI Clients-02

Addu High School

MCDGI Clients-34

Society For Health Education

MCDGI Clients-33

Women On Democracy Ngo

MCDGI Clients-31

Summer Island Maldives - Ziyaaraiythfushi

MCDGI Clients-30

State Electric Compmany Private Limited

MCDGI Clients-29

Sme Development Finance Corporation

MCDGI Clients-28

Maldives Stock Exchange

MCDGI Clients-27

Mauritius Commercial Bank

MCDGI Clients-26

Ministry Of Finance

MCDGI Clients-25

Mm Law Association

MCDGI Clients-24

Maldives Transport And Contracting Company

MCDGI Clients-23

Maldives Water And Swerage Company

MCDGI Clients-22

Novelty Printers And Publishers Private Limited

MCDGI Clients-21

Maldives Sports Corporation Limited

MCDGI Clients-20

Maldives Post Limited

MCDGI Clients-19

Maldives Pension Administration Office

MCDGI Clients-18

Maldives Marketing And Pr Corporations

MCDGI Clients-14

Bank Of Maldives

MCDGI Clients-12

Ensis Fisheries Pvt Ltd

MCDGI Clients-10

Fenaka Corporation

MCDGI Clients-09

Housing Development Corporation

MCDGI Clients-15

Housing Development Finance Corporation

MCDGI Clients-16

Horizon Fisheries Pvt Ltd

MCDGI Clients-08

Fenaka Corporation

MCDGI Clients-26

Family Court

MCDGI Clients-06

Allied Insurance Company Of The Maldives Pvt Ltd