Survey on Islamic Finance and Financial Inlusion in the Maldives

Current survey


A growing body of literature reveal that a financially literate population will is able to make the proper decisions, then the aspect of Islamic Financial literacy is compulsory. Understanding the urging need of our country, the Maldives Capacity Development and Governance Institute (MCDGI) has taken steps to conduct a nation-wide survey.

This survey report will enable the stakeholders to take measures in the future to improve the Islamic Finance literacy and financial inclusion in the country. This is a first of its kind survey in our country to take place under the leadership of MCDGI Chairman. This will be conducted by our international Lead Consultant and MCDGI Local Team.

This document brings you an enormous opportunity to be an integral part of this ambitious initiative by MCDGI and we look forward for your support.


Work in Progress

Team Members

Ms. Fathimath Shafeega

Ms. Fathimath Shafeega

Thought Leader - Founder MCDGI
Muath Mubarak

Muath Mubarak

Lead Consultant