Vision & Mission

Maldives Capacity Development and Government Institute (MCDGI) is a leading training provider for corporate governance and capacity development in the Maldives market. MCDGI was established in April 2017 to cater for the capacity building needs of Maldives MCDGI’s work will remain focused on building the corporate sector of the Maldives. In our efforts we will focus on tailoring our programs to the needs of the Maldivian economic development. We will draw on the expertise of our local and international resource person’s pool and with consultations and collaborations we design, develop and deliver training programmes to international standards. We will also share our expertise and knowledge to our stakeholders and spread our collaborations and network to the far corners of the world to achieve our mission.


We aspire to become a premier institution for corporate governance and capacity development in Maldives recognized for excellence in professional development and leadership.


Our mission is to develop champions of good governance and highly skilled, sustainability aware business leaders.



Good Governance

 To become an exemplary institute that leads by example.


Open and Innovative

We seek to be open to new ideas and welcome innovative solutions to the challenges in our world.


Knowledge First

We are committed to learning so that we can consistently provide the best technical knowledge and research-based practices.

Mindful & Responsible

We strive to be always aware of our impact on the world and to help create holistic sustainable futures.