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Ms. Mariyam Visam

Ms Mariyam Visam is the Registrar of Companies of Maldives. She also serves in the Board of Directors of the Capital Market Development Authority, in her capacity as the R.O.C. Prior to this, she has served for over 10 years in senior positions of the Capital Market Development Authority including the position of Deputy Chief Executive Officer. She is a technical expert in the areas of Economic Affairs and Financial Sector. She has completed Masters of Business Economics from the University of Queensland, Australia, specializing in Business Economics, Regulatory Economics, International Trade & Investment. She is a Risk Management expert by training and since 2012, she continues to contribute to the academia as a visiting lecturer for post graduate and undergraduate international programs, lecturing in the areas of Entrepreneurship, Governance, Risk Management & Business Ethics. She is an enthusiastic advocate of instilling Good Corporate Governance practices into the fabric of corporate culture and an ardent supporter of budgetary discipline and financial responsibility. She has also served as a Board Member of Maldives Pension Administration Office. She is a member of the International Corporate Governance Network